Building Organizational Alignment

February 6, 2013

“Alignment is that optimal state in which strategy, employees, customers, and key processes work in concert to propel growth and profits. Aligned organizations enjoy greater customer and employee satisfaction and produce superior returns to shareholders. Aligned companies focus employees and their work on key goals…. In an aligned organization, every employee – from the executive suite to the loading dock – understands not only the strategy and goals of the business, but also how his or her work contributes to them. Everyone can articulate what the needs of the customers are and what his or her unit must do to satisfy them.”
–Labovitz & Rosansky “The Power of Alignment” (2004)

We need your inputs and opinions for the February edition of The New Face of Leadership. We will collate and report results for multiple choice questions. The last question is an optional short essay opinion question. We will feature selected responses to this question (about 250 words + digital photo and short byline) in the opinion column Based on Your Experience.

Thanks for your participation!!


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