Can We Talk?

March 25, 2011

For our technology issue, let’s borrow that famous phrase from Joan Rivers, and focus on the most ubiquitous device of the 21st century–the cell phone. Seemingly overnight, it has become the single ‘don’t leave home without it’ item to have on the go.   And you don’t even have to talk to communicate–you can text or update/check your social media network status. You can use it to stay organized, get informed, get directions–the list goes on! For almost anything you can think of that you might need on the go–there’s an app for that!

We need your inputs and opinion, for the April edition of The New Face of Leadership.  We’ve incorporated the discussion this month into a survey.

Questions 2-5 are multiple choice and we will collect and report the results in tabular or chart form.

Question #6 is an optional short essay opinion question.  We will feature selected responses to this question (about 250 words + digital photo and short byline) in the opinion column.

Thanks for your participation!!


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