Customer Service Training and Process Improvement Consultation Contract 2017-2022

Contract Description:

Maryland Governor Hogan launched a statewide customer service initiative in June 2015. The initiative calls for: 1) a renewed focus on a strong service culture and employee engagement; 2) performance metrics that create accountability and drive results; and 3) training for all state employees that reinforces the principles and expectations found in the new “Customer Service Promise,” which pledges that the State of Maryland will provide constituents, businesses, customers and stakeholders with services that are friendly, courteous, timely, responsive, accurate, consistent, accessible, convenient, truthful and transparent.

Many agencies will require support and assistance from external sources including consulting and training organizations. To that end, the Department of Budget and Management has issued contract awards to allow for value added, professional consulting, training & development and process improvement through a Customer Service Training Master Contract to support Agencies’ efforts to realize the Governor’s customer service initiative. Crowned Grace International will provide Agencies with access to our consultants and training programs which provide expertise in customer service, employee engagement and process improvement.

Crowned Grace International is authorized to provide business solutions in Functional Area 1 and Functional Area 2

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Our Services Include
  1. Classroom based training and development
  2. On-line training and development
  3. Process Improvement Consulting

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