Disciplined People

October 21, 2019

Annnnd we’re back! Thank you for joining us again! If you’ve been following closely, you’ll know the most recent blog posts have been on Disciplined Thought and Design Thinking. How can we possibly follow those fantastic topics? Simple. With fantastic people! It’s generally well-accepted that everyone is fantastic at something, but this blog is about a unique group — Disciplined People.

Disciplined People have exceptional amounts of self-control. They make completing most any task look easy! These are the people that can actually eat only six french fries and leave the rest. These are the people that complete their daily workouts—before work! These are the people working industriously on a Friday afternoon, in order to have a smoother Monday morning.

Disciplined People are everywhere – the trick is to keep them once they’ve joined your organization. These are the problem solvers of the group. Just because they make something look easy doesn’t mean the task is easy, or requires little effort. Think of a ballet dancer…. those moves they make as they leap and float across the stage look effortless- because they are so graceful. We don’t expect to see such grace in the business world but we do. Just watch a Disciplined Person get through their day- they are FULL of grace! They are also full of experience – that’s the work they put in beforehand. Their wisdom and experience combined with their skill and talent equates to the ballet dancer combining their skill and talent with workouts and practice.

So how does a leader, at any level, keep these employable unicorns? Watch them closely. Don’t overload them. Leaders may need to work a bit harder at helping Disciplined People maintain balance and perspective because they often have a difficult time saying “no” when asked for help. Staying challenged, but still having time for fun, family, and faith is important to these unicorns.

It’s important to not underestimate the effort they put in to make their departments and/or companies look good and be successful. So a little appreciation goes a long way. Be consistent and genuine in praise and gratitude. This too will keep the unicorn energized and employed- by you!

Finally, keep expectations realistic. Again, because Disciplined People make completing assignments seem effortless, colleagues may expect them to always perform at a higher level. While this is certainly is a possibility, the additional stress will frustrate the unicorn leaving them feeling they can never let down, never make a mistake, they must always be perfect. Humans- err- unicorns- grow by making mistakes sometimes, especially when training. Allow them to ask questions, correct mistakes and be evaluated just as their colleagues are.

So look around- maybe even look in a mirror. Do you see a unicorn? Remember to seek or facilitate work/life balance, be appreciative, and keep expectations realistic. Be nice. Your unicorn will thank you!

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