Disciplined Thought

August 26, 2019

When You Have a Culture of Discipline, You Don’t Need Hierarchy: Disciplined Thought

Seems that every year the pace of our society gets faster and faster. Not only are customers and clients swayed by the next bigger, shinier promise, so are companies and organizations. In the name of efficiency, innovation, politics or bigger market shares companies and organizations are also swayed by the next big thing- a new theme, new technology all requiring not just upgrades or updates, but brand new equipment and sometimes personnel.

But what if leaders in the public sector, military and private sector stopped for a moment?

Just in the quiet of their offices or workspace and started to think. If they disciplined their thoughts to not be tempted to choose something new- but rather to look at their issues with fresh eyes. Disciplined thought requires intention. Intentionally changing perspectives. Intentionally listening to colleagues at all levels-not just doing what one wants to do because they have the title. Intentionally planning short-term, medium-term, and long-term goals. This doesn’t just mean meeting the company’s objectives agreed upon at some official summit. Intentionally take steps, make decisions, change tactics and strategies designed with specificity to achieve a goal, not please a particular audience.

Disciplined thought means openly considering even the idea from perhaps unexpected sources- like a Senior Airman, a direct report, frontline-worker, intern or spouse. They could make a recommendation or observation with a nugget of merit, of truth which changes everything. They’re already using out-of-box thinking because they were never there in the beginning. Leaders earn their positions by combining talent, skill, expertise and education. Frontline workers do have advantages- as they are working projects on a day-to-day basis, they’re viewing sometimes commonplace issues with “on-the ground” eyes and thus present fresh ideas.

Strong leaders welcome all input. Then after assimilating and considering all available data, use that same discipline, that same focus and determination, begin to make decisions with intention. Intention to reduce current costs, not just re-arrange a spreadsheet. Intention to increase customer satisfaction which increases customer base and increases revenue. Not just raise prices or deductibles- but considering the domino effect one decision makes before finalizing it. Send the spiral in a positive direction, proactively instead of reacting to a negative spiral.

What if individuals disciplined their thoughts? If people began to intentionally align their thoughts, deeds, and actions to truly represent their individual standards and ideals, great changes could be achieved. With disciplined thought, people may also extend grace towards others- because they’d appreciate it being extended to them. With disciplined thought to reflect higher standards, people may quit taking shortcuts. Disciplined thought could look like being kind to yourself. Purposely leave a chaotic environment and focus on peace. Inspire someone watching you to do the same.

Great changes are possible. Heck- manufactures are making a ton of money off of devices measuring physical activity. Why not use something free? Use one’s own thoughts. Corral the power of one’s mind- discipline oneself to think, act, share, speak- DO… in a manner designed to unequivocally reap results. Discipline your thoughts, change everything for the better.

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