From the Top, Down–Tying Your Strategy to the Vision

March 8, 2011

To unify a company’s efforts, CEOs, Department Leaders and Team Leaders must take the time to review the strategic vision and connect it with how their teams are assisting in the achievement of the vision. The best of leaders are able to tie an individual’s performance objective to at least one of the company’s strategic objectives.

This is easily done if the following actions occur:

  1. Explain. The CEO must spend time collectively and individually explaining the vision to his/her leaders. Share why this vision is important within the organization, the local department, the world, the country, the state, the county and the community in which they live. This explanation is an interactive discussion where the leaders are encouraged and required to ask questions. This activity must not be delegated to anyone else to complete.
  2. Absorb. The leaders must take the time to digest what they have heard and develop a strategy (for their area of responsibility) which they believe will support the vision. The leader then meets individually with the CEO to ensure they are on target.
  3. Integrate. The CEO must again pull the entire team together and at this point the leaders present their department’s strategy to the entire leadership team. This session is also an interactive session. Attendees are there seeking to understand. As the attendees listen to each presentation, they should ask themselves the following questions:
  1. Deconflict. This information is then given to a facilitator who will coordinate the meeting results and ensure that the department leaders resolve any open items/questions.
  2. Map. The facilitator develops a strategy map for the organization. This map ensures that all elements of the vision are being accomplished. The final presentation is made to the CEO and his/her leaders for final approval and acceptance.
  3. Execute. Now the CEO’s leaders are ready to meet with their departments to develop the initiatives required to execute the department strategy. They will go through a similar process, adding additional steps to ensure they are able to realize goals and objectives that line-up with the overall strategy and vision.

Keep in mind that this process takes time–the first five steps may take over a month to accomplish. (Yes, a month!) Your strategy is the foundation for the vision — you’re building the foundation. The higher the vision, the deeper the foundation must be; so take the time to build a strong foundation.

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