Hiring now: Business Analyst – Classification Specialists and Payroll Clerks

May 28, 2018

Compensation $35 to $40 Hourly
Benefits Offered 401K, Dental, Life, Medical, Vision
Employment Type Full-Time

Business Analyst II/Classification Specialist
Minimum/General Experience/Education: Minimum four years classification and human resources experience with bachelor’s degree. Provide classification, pay setting, and compensation advisory and technical services, including standards, drafting position descriptions (PD’s), classifying PD’s in accordance with federal, DoD, and OPM classification standards, and establishing and maintaining a position classification program to assist in determining appropriate pay system.

Business Analyst II/Payroll Clerk
Minimum/General Experience/Education: Minimum five years payroll, timekeeping, and leave function experience with bachelor’s degree. Function is to compute and disburse wages and salaries, deductions taxes and other withholdings. Posts payroll data and prepares routing reports and/or payments to government agencies, insurance companies and others. Calculates and processes special checks, reviews, edits and make corrections and adjustments as needed.

About Crowned Grace International:
As a solutions provider, Crowned Grace International helps companies around the world to identify, develop and implement the winning strategies required to produce business results. We offer support and capability building at every stage of your strategic journey by helping them solve their most urgent business needs through identifying the areas where they can increase revenue, decrease cost and keep their top talent.

Business Transformation — through management consulting, strategic planning, re-engineering, risk management, supply chain management and executive staffing: measuring processes towards strategic objectives in increased revenue, decreased cost, brand awareness and maintaining their #1 resource: their people.

People Transformation — leadership development through executive coaching, team development, customer service and training & development: keeping and developing their top talent

Technology Transformation — through IT governance, project management, application portfolio management, process improvement, knowledge management, improving services with technologies and IT staffing: identifying areas to increase revenue and decrease cost

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