Identifying Talent for Leadership

May 29, 2020

If you look at the world’s history, all great leaders emerge at a time of crisis and great hardship. Leaders from Hannibal, Caesar, and Alexander to Napoleon, Lincoln and Churchill all came at a time when their nations were going through civil unrest or faced a much bigger eternal threat.

The challenges presented by the current economic environment should be seen as an opportunity to identify and develop new leaders for the future. Businesses should look for talented individuals who possess and display the following qualities that make great organizational leaders.

Look for Self Motivated Individuals
A time of crisis is the best time to separate leaders from followers. Pay attention to the people who are not in managerial roles but step up to take extra work and responsibilities. These are people who go the extra mile to keep the operations going and carry out work that isn’t even in their job description.

Identify Positive Accountability
Remote work from home and loss of productivity is an obvious byproduct of the current situation. Some managers will shift the blame on their team’s lack of cooperation so that they are not held accountable.

Others will realize the difficulties that their teams are going through and help the employees to keep the operations going. Look for leaders who maintain positive accountability rather than those who look for scapegoats to shift blame.

Good Foresight
The biggest challenge facing businesses right now is uncertainty. Will the mandatory lockdowns get lifted or re-imposed? How will the demand for various products and services shift in the future? How much should we produce, and how much can we sell?

These are important questions that will have a major impact on your profit margins. Leaders with good foresight and the ability to forecast events will be able to manage their teams and business operations more effectively. Look for leaders on their toes and constantly monitor the situation instead of people who get caught unprepared.

Choose Adaptable and Flexible Leaders
Generally, it is preferable to have a long term plan of action and empower leaders who can see it through. However, a crisis situation calls for flexible leaders who can adapt and improvise in light of changing circumstances.

Select Leaders that Click
Your organization will have a certain type of culture that fits in well with specific leadership styles. Some organizations do well with a formal, disciplined workplace environment while others tend to grow faster with a more informal and relaxed approach.

Identify and promote leaders that match your personal style and follow the type of culture that you want for your business. This will prevent clashes and help you steer the organization in the direction that you want.

Final Word
Remember, an organization can manage through even the worst crisis and emerge stronger than ever, as long as its leaders stay committed and firm. Make sure you choose your managers wisely.

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