Looking For A Job? You will be Googled!

August 17, 2011

Today, it is common practice to Google anyone you have not met before. When “googled”, does your profile appropriately describe YOU and how you want to be perceived?
Executive recruiters/corporate hiring managers use Google search to find qualified management talent. In today’s job market, your Google Profile is a “must have” for executives looking for the right opportunity.
Unlike younger generations who grew up and live online, successfully established executives need to work to become visible. According to CareerBuilder, 83% of recruiters use search engines to find the right candidate. And since the Google Profile is part of Google- the largest search engine in the known universe – it’s the most friendly to search engines…even more than LinkedIn or Facebook.
And now with Google Plus exploding onto the scene – Google’s power play on social networking – the Google Profile is fast becoming a key platform to showcase your best stuff. Already executive recruiters are using dedicated tools (i.e. FindPeoplePlus.com) to search for the right candidate with a Google Profile. You don’t want to be invisible to this next step in recruitment search.

Jan Furste

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