Negotiating Effectively–Is It About the Win/Win?

January 24, 2012

According to Webster’s II New College Dictionary, Third Edition, negotiate is defined as a) to meet and discuss with another in order to reach an agreement; b) to settle by meeting or discussing; c) to transfer title to or ownership of (e.g., notes) to another in exchange for equivalent value. Most of us have negotiated something before. Whether it was a dream job offer or a new car purchase, chances are you walked away wondering if you really got the best deal possible.

We need your inputs and opinions for the February edition of The New Face of Leadership.

We will collate and report results for multiple choice questions. The last question is an optional short essay opinion question. We will feature selected responses to this question (about 250 words + digital photo and short byline) in the opinion column Based on Your Experience.

Thanks for your participation!!


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