No Regrets

March 21, 2011

What if you could live life without regret from this moment on? Would you want to? Do you think it’s possible? Would you want that? Living a life without regret equates to living a life without limitations, with unlimited potential.

Five things I wish a million people knew about regret.

Regret suffocates your purpose

It is not possible to evolve past regret. Locate the thing, the event, etc. that represents regret in your life and you will find that you are not too much different than you were during that space in time.

If regret suffocates your purpose than a life without regret breeds energy and energy breeds passion and passion is a result of effectively operating in your purpose.

Regret mandates that you endure, without protest, the result of a moment or series of moments in time

You do not have to endure the agony of a result of a past action. I say that because no matter what the result was, you can always make it right. A life without regret means that no matter how unfavorable the result or outcome of a choice or event, there’s always an opportunity to make it right. Making it right is measured by an individual barometer. When and how the situation has been made right can only be determined by the individual with whom the regret resides.

The more serious the result, the more complicated the components are to making it right.

Regret limits your ability to learn from the personalized lessons life has prepared for you

Everything that happens to us, in us and around us, is tailor made for us and brings with it a tailor made lesson to assist us in walking out our ultimate purpose.

A life without regret means that it is possible to fail the test, but still pass the course. Failing the test wastes your time—failing the course wastes your life. Seek and embrace the lesson; allowing the lesson to manifest in your life is necessary to past the course, which is most important.

Regret imprisons you to the belief that the past hinders the ability of today to be awesomely excellent and complete, lacking nothing

We often say that nobody’s perfect and although I understand the spirit of that comment, I despise the intent of the comment. The intent of that comment is for one to make an excuse for something lacking in their lives that they have control over, but do not want to take responsibility for. Be perfect, which means to be complete and whole in the epitome of who you are most able to be at this moment in time–not historically or eternally without fault.

In order to live without regret, you must live understanding and completely believing that today is awesome and excellent, lacking nothing. Regret and completeness/wholeness cannot reside in the same house–they are mutually exclusive.

Regret’s most powerful ally is a haphazardly made choice

Regret has a very powerful ally in haphazard choice; but it also has an even more powerful enemy, which is intentional choice. The most effective way to keep regret at bay in your life is to live a life of making intentional choices. Play out the various outcomes and become one with the choice you will make. We have somehow come up with the notion that life happens to us and around us instead of understanding and knowing that life happens from within us.

Our power lies in the choices that we make. The potential for an adverse outcome comes with ANY choice that we make, but the potential for regret only comes with choices that are haphazardly made or choices that are not our own.

Live intentionally and without regret.

By Varian Brandon-Boles

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