Professional Development

Our professional development services journey takes professionals through key phases:

Professionals learn new concepts and have the opportunity to reflect on their style and the impact it has on their sphere of influence. They also gain a better understanding of their role and how it supports their organization’s strategy.

Individuals then develop this learning with their sphere of influence (leaders, peers, team members and other constituents) and with expert facilitators – enabling them to deepen and broaden their self-awareness by putting insights into practice in a safe environment.

Professionals are armed with the insights and tools to apply their new skills in the workplace, and most importantly, make sure their development sticks.

Professionals can choose between virtual, blended and face-to-face delivery options and pick and mix the elements of the program which best suit their needs by adding additional services as required.

Virtual learning

Our cost-effective virtual learning option is made up of four interactive online modules. Key tools and techniques include:

Participants are provided with self-directed tasks between modules. These encourage them to practice the techniques and approaches they learn, by trying them with their teams and getting real-time feedback.

As the modules are delivered online, participants spend less time away from their day jobs and there is no need for them to travel, saving your organization both time and money.

Blended learning

Our blended delivery model combines online classes, self-directed learning and face-to-face sessions, where professionals obtain feedback on their leadership styles and the climates they’re creating. The blended approach gives participants greater variety and flexibility, allows learnings to be applied at a deeper level and results in increased levels of participant engagement.

Face-to-face development

This facilitated program brings professionals together to learn about key strategic concepts. Preparation work, prescribed reading and world-class diagnostic tools ensure professionals obtain the most out of their time in the classroom. Peer-coaching sessions help them develop greater self-awareness, while role-playing bring to life the impact the professional can have on the performance of the performance of their sphere of influence. The interactive classroom environment means that participants are more focused and allows for a greater level of interaction. And as they are together for longer, they have a better opportunity to build relationships and networks with other professionals.

Additional Services

Additional services include:

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