Program Augmentation

No two companies or projects are the same so why should you settle for a cookie-cutter project augmentation / staffing solution? We approach program augmentation differently than our competitors by building a customized staffing model based upon collaboration with your business to truly understand your company’s vision, requirements and unique culture. It is our belief that it is equally important for our staff to be competent in soft skills as well as being authorities in cutting edge methodologies and technologies.

Our teams are comprised of proven experts in every aspect of software development and can be scaled to accommodate your existing organization and processes.

Crowned Grace International works with you every step of the way to ensure a mutually beneficial and long-lasting partnership. Team member selection is based upon a comprehensive understanding of your organization’s culture, business needs and technology requirements.

PMP Certified Project Managers, Software Developers, Technical Writers and Administrative Assistances can be supplied for short and long-term projects.

Clear, concise, and constant communication is the foundation to everything we do. From status report templates, web collaboration software, remote source control, and identification of proper escalation paths as required, we tailor our communication to your specific project and organizational needs.

Our support includes requirement tracking and auditing, change control, project status and financial reporting, source code review throughout the entire lifecycle and pro-active risk management.

Core Benefits

Crowned Grace International’s Program Augmentation service allows you to quickly staff the hard to find technical skills your projects require allowing you to focus on growing your business.

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