Information Handling

Organizations face difficulty in maintaining, handling and securing organizational information and data. At Crowned Grace International, we ensure that your organization’s information such as personally identifiable information (PII), protected health information (PHI), other project based intellectual property and employee data is secured and managed to help you improve your business operations and follow the legislative requirements.

Our Information Governance Services help organizations reduce the risk of data leakage and non-compliance of authorities. Our well-managed data services help organization work in an efficient and confident manner. IGS services also reduce litigation costs and save data management time of the organization. Crowned Grace International helps organizations implement strategies to effectively control and secure business data of various programs and projects running in the organization.

Some of the features from our Information Governance Services are as below:

Automatic Alerts

The system safeguards your organizational data and alerts you whenever there is mishandling or breach noticed.

Organize Shared Files

Most organizations have a habit of dumping all files, research and information under one roof. This includes many redundant and useless files that only take up space but not have been utilized for quite a while. In our services, we develop a fine policy to clean up your data bank and keep only necessary data to save space and cost.

Streamline Litigation Process

At Crowned Grace International, we enhance business operations by collecting and managing your identification and preservation orders to secure all the data that you may require for taking legal actions.

Data Divestment

Due to information cluttered on many mediums, it gets challenging for organizations to segregate data especially in the case of divestiture or liquidation. We organize, document and segregate previously owned and shared organizational data and ensure that it is in the right hands.

Migrate Business information

We transfer your very important and sensitive data such as key numbers, codes and credit card information to new applications and software with complete security and check.

Data Backup

We provide an automated time-bound system that helps you update, recover and preserve your backup data.

There are many more features within the information Governance Services, that offer to you a comprehensive, protective approach in protecting the integral data of the organization. As this service will put you to ease, it will increase your efficiency to perform core tasks, be more confident in accountability, and stick to compliances and regulations.

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