Set the Vision

January 17, 2013
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In understanding the organizational structure, one finds that their success primarily relies on the employees to accomplish the vision and mission of the leadership team.  The vision comes from the leadership team, based on the expectations of the shareholders. The leadership team identifies his/her area of vision ownership and begins to develop their strategies that their team members will complete to implement the vision.

In many organizations, team members are very strong in their discipline; however few have experience in knowing how to take a vision, develop the initiatives to support the vision or build and manage teams to implement the initiatives. In other words, the employees are given the responsibility without the experience or tools to succeed.

Most organizations have their mission or purpose statement on their company stationary– it has been read and seen by all employees within their first week in the company.  However, each department leader may not fully understand how their department fits into the overall mission.  To ensure the company is going in one direction, CEOs, Department Leaders and Team Leaders must take the time to go over the strategic vision and how their teams are assisting in the achievement of the vision. The best of the leaders are able to tie an individual’s performance objective to at least one of the company’s strategic objectives.

Keep in mind your strategy is the foundation for the vision —  you’re building the foundation.  The higher the vision, the deeper the foundation must be; so take the time in building a strong foundation.

Set YOUR Vision! 
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