Seven Things Global Leaders Know, Do & Believe

August 2, 2012

Most of us have an idea of what being an effective global leader means; however, few take the time to study what these leaders know, do and believe. Some go as far as to know what makes a global leader effective; however don’t take the time to determine if they truly believe the actions these leaders take on a daily basis are relevant to their own professional growth. And even fewer take the time to consistently do what effective global leaders do. It’s not because they don’t want to know, do and believe, it’s because many are so caught up in the trenches of surviving for today – they can’t see anything or do anything else. They are missing the forest because of the trees.

Let me encourage you that if you don’t take the time to build up your global leadership effectiveness, you will be left behind. This means that at least once a week, you are doing what is necessary to focus on your professional growth. Believe it or not, as you focus on your professional growth, your team will improve its ability to deliver innovative solutions which drive business growth. Therefore, it makes good sense to focus on the seven things global leaders know, do and believe?

1. Global leaders know their business inside and out. They understand how the company makes revenue, how it loses revenue and how it captures new markets.

2. Global leaders do step up and take responsibility. Stepping up means recognizing and taking ownership when you (your team) cause perceived and actual problems within the organization.

3. Global leaders believe that their success is grounded in their ability to deliver results. They continuously look for ways to keep their skills up to date, including their ability to be visionary, innovative and results driven.

4. Global Leaders know the signs and cost of talent flight risk. Their leadership style is such that they have a strategy which attracts and retains top talent … and they have a strategy which allows others to leave the organization to discover their true passion.

5. Global Leaders Know To Empower Their Employees To Take Initiative by
a) Telling employees what they want and why
b) Being a role model …inspire
c) Authorizing teams to make decisions

6. Global leaders believe that life balance is the foundation to the organizations generational success. For those of you who are going through one of my executive coaching programs, focus on our discussions surrounding the 9 dimensions of having a balanced life

7. Global leaders know how to persevere through trials and tribulation with a level of optimistic expectation that things will get better. This optimism is infectious and felt throughout the organization.

These dimensions of leadership demand the essential interaction skills. Leaders have to learn to listen, empathize, involve, support and gain commitment. If they don’t have these essential skills up front, they don’t develop into extraordinary global leaders.

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