Project Management

Project Management – Not For the Faint of Heart

September 23, 2012

Project management is often viewed as a necessary evil. There are many funny (and unattributed) quotes that speak to the complexity of the project management challenge. For example:

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Collected Project Management Wisdom

December 17, 2011

Project management consists of a set of complex and necessary tasks to solve a problem or meet a need. No two projects are the same, so no two projects can or should be managed the same way. However, there are some standard processes and common practices used by project management professionals.

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Who Wants to Be a Project Manager?

November 27, 2011

How important is project management? Is it a case of “failing to plan means planning to fail?” Or is it a mystical blend of timing, finding the right team members, ‘good’ requirements, and a bit of razzmatazz which results in a happy coincidence of customer satisfaction and acceptable project deliverables? While a bit of good fortune never hurts, successful project outcomes are rarely the result of random chance but rather the result of project management best practices. In this survey, we want your feedback and experience to uncover some of the key elements for a successful project outcome.

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How To Build Trust When Your Team Doesn’t Know Each Other

May 6, 2011

We know that trust is absolutely critical to team and project success. It’s always been hard to build and maintain, but when you don’t work in the same physical location it can feel even more difficult. The good news is that we know the three components of trusting teams. The trick is to make them work remotely

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