How to Keep Up with IT

November 19, 2012

I am a frustrated techno-geek.  During my Air Force career I was a communications officer, which meant I had the privilege of working with some very smart, IT savvy individuals on a daily basis.  So I worked very hard to read, ask questions and try to gain as much technical proficiency as some of my co-workers.  It wasn’t a total waste of time, but it was exhausting.  I never really caught up.

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What’s In the Cloud?

October 30, 2012

Cloud computing is one of the myriad of technologies available today that make our lives “easier”. Cloud computing is said to be the tool which will usher in the age of the IT service-delivery provider (SDP) in a similar manner to Internet communications creating the age of the Internet service provider. Every major Internet vendor, IT vendor and carrier wants to be an SDP. How much upgrading and automation is enough? How do you know?

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Has Technology Got a Hold on You?

April 11, 2011

Have you thought recently about how tied we are to technology? You wake up in the morning and reach over to turn off your alarm clock which is playing your favorite tune on your IPOD docked to it. Next your reach over to your nightstand and grab the TV remote and scroll through the numerous cable channels trying to decide which station you want to watch. Your cell phone rings and you grab your Bluetooth wireless headset and head into the bathroom to take care of a few morning “necessities”. As you think about what you are going to wear to work you remember that you wanted to be sure and record Oprah and the NCAA Sweet Sixteen game coming on tonight. So you quickly set your DVR to record both programs as you mentally plan to order a pizza on your iPhone on your way home from work tonight.

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