The New Leadership Skills You Need!

July 19, 2010

The executive job market intelligence report states that the 21st Century Leader must become more efficient in: company operations, managing plans and objectives, cutting cost, establishing vision and strategy and leading (a CGI addition), managing and developing people.

As we look at best practices for leading, managing and developing people – we find that organizations who invest in their people show a 10%+ increase to their bottom-line. So it becomes an interesting point that investing in the on-going development of an organization’s workforce is one of the first items which gets reduced/cut in the budget.

As a leader, you must maintain your commitment must be made to protect the budget of on-going training and development of your people – remember it is the people (the arms, the legs, the eyes, the ears and the brains) which will allow your organization to be able to achieve its strategic vision manage and implement its plans, objectives, cut cost, cause innovation and create on-going and sustainable profit!

Another reason to maintain your commitment to the on-going training and development of your people — if you do not, they will begin to obtain sources for their on-going development and the sources they find may/may not be aligned with the overall direction of the organization. Good, strong people want to learn – they seek out new knowledge – these are the people … the future leaders … you want to keep!

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