The Right Stuff (Business Acumen)

December 27, 2011

Top leaders understand how all the elements of business acumen work together – such leaders use their business acumen to make things simpler. They reduce complexity so they can clarify their decision making, test their logic and set forth defined priorities.

Even if they run extremely complex corporations, CEOs with business acumen know how to think like street vendors. They have a complete grasp of the key elements that drive their business. They make their businesses easy to explain, so they can focus on making money. They can see the big picture. You, too, can use business acumen to filter out tangled situations, keep everyone informed, set clear objectives and enable your company to deliver consistent results. The ability to “understand your company’s total business” comes from a background of knowledge and experience.

We need your inputs and opinions for the January edition of The New Face of Leadership.

We will collate and report results for multiple choice questions. The last question is an optional short essay opinion question. We will feature selected responses to this question (about 250 words + digital photo and short byline) in the opinion column Based on Your Experience.

Thanks for your participation!!


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