Thinking BIG!

February 25, 2011

If you spoke with 10 people and ask what prevents them from thinking big, you would probably obtain a list of 50 reasons why they and others should not have big thoughts.

We disagree! There is no better time in the world to think big than right now! It’s all about transforming your mind to being in a constant state of THINKING BIG! Let me caution you, if you do not want to be a big thinker – STOP READING NOW. This is only for those who want to do something different to obtain something different..this is only for those who are ready to do the extraordinary to receive the extraordinary!

As a BIG THINKER, you have to make the decision everyday to be strategic in your thoughts, words, actions and deeds. You’ve got to decide every day that no matter what comes your way, you have the strength, the wisdom, the street smarts and the ability to achieve exactly what needs to be achieved. Yes–YOU are equipped to achieve it!

You may have heard the statement “as a man thinks therefore he is”. This is true. Each day, question your thought process–you are thinking little thoughts or if you are thinking BIG thoughts? Little thoughts focus only on you in your situation today; BIG thoughts focus on making your purpose and dreams a reality. So, when you wake up in the morning – what are your first thoughts? What do you think about yourself? Do you see yourself BIG or little? How you begin your day determines how your actions will play it out. Let’s make the decision today that we are more than conquerors!

No matter how you started your day – right now – STOP! Take the next five (5) minutes and give yourself permission to be a BIG Thinker . give yourself permission to be extraordinarily great. Give yourself a pep talk by allowing your mind, your voice, your heart and your non-verbals to come into agreement with the fact that today you are a BIG THINKER! Make the decision right now that you are going to sell yourself to yourself.

David Schwartz recommends creating your own 60 second commercial and using it three to seven times a day to sell yourself to yourself. Here’s how you create your own commercial:

  1. Go off to a quiet place and complete a self-inventory. Select your assets, your points of interest and those areas which make you uniquely wonderful. Don’t be shy about this – go overboard!
  2. Using your own words put these points on a piece of paper. Write a commercial about you to you. Be very direct. Remember, this is not about anyone else but you and who you were created to be – your points should be directly aligned with who your Creator designed you to be. Delete any old mental recordings and the negative things others have said about you. This is about what makes you extraordinarily great! Remember, there is no one else on this world designed specifically like you.
  3. In private, practice your commercial out loud at least once a day in front of a mirror. Do this until there is a match, correlation, alignment and congruence between your words, your tone and your body language. Do this because if you don’t believe what you’re saying about yourself – why should anyone else? Now, repeat this commercial with great determination. Do this until you believe exactly what you’re saying!
  4. Read it out loud to yourself several times a day. Read it before you tackle anything which demands courage. Read it anytime you feel let down. Read it, Believe it, Walk it!

Remember – as you think . therefore you are! You are literally what you think you are, your character being the complete sum of all your thoughts.
So, what are you thinking about yourself? Think BIG!!

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