Top 10 ways to keep employees engaged leading up to the end of the year

December 10, 2012

Top 10 ways to keep employees engaged leading up to the end of the year

#10: Alternate “shopping hours” – provide employees an extra hour for lunch to allow them to “beat the crowds” –alternate by department / length of time with the company / etc.

#9: Have a holiday celebration where the employees can bring their family members in to celebrate.

#8: Allow employees to work from home as much as possible – focus on deliverables, not on “hours in the office”.

#7: Create a “white” space in the office (brick and mortar / virtual) where employees can create (innovate) a new line of business, a new product or service. Once a week provide 60 minutes of “creativity” time to each employee. At the end of the month, have the employees select (vote on) one initiative to implement in the following year and on who should be part of the implementation team.

#6: Instead of having your employees shadow you for a day. As a leader, you shadow one employee a week. Role up your sleeves, get involved, show your employees that “you’ve still got it” and that you care about every aspect of the business.

#5: Have each employee (or team) call (or visit) a customer – just to say thank you or personally deliver your annual holiday gift. Allowing the interaction between your employees and your customers to “bring good tidings” will increase the “emotional ties” between your employees and your customers. You’ll also stand out against your competition.

#4: Offer an additional bonus to employees who bring in a new customer. A bonus can be in the form of money, time off, a cruise, a leased car for the year, etc.

#3: Rally the troops and start a New Year’s Resolution program (Personal & Business) – Build excitement about the upcoming year. Whenever possible, tie the achievement of the personal goals to the business goals. Have the employees develop a series of celebrations upon the achievement of these goals.

#2: Celebrate your employees. Each day, make it a point to meet with a different employee and tell them how much their contributions have caused the business to succeed. Be specific in your praise. It will take you ~5 extra minutes a day . and buy you a higher level of employee loyalty!

#1: As the leader, you must demonstrate that you are engaged. Smile. Allow your employees to see you. Dust off your “walk around” shoes. Wear a holiday tie and/or pin. Repeat.Repeat.Repeat!

What would you add/modify/reorder/delete? I look forward to hearing from you!

Business Strategist, Executive Coach, Author & Speaker, Dr. Stephanie Parson is the president of Crowned Grace International. She and her team provide their customers with insight for connecting Leadership to Business Results. To date, Crowned Grace International has provided strategic insight to over 6000 global leaders within the Public & Private Sector. Dr. Parson has held executive level roles at Walt Disney World (Vice President), Parsons Brinckerhoff (Vice President & CIO), The Seagram Company (Director) and as a Decorated Commissioned Officer in the US Air Force. In her book: Leadership From Ordinary to Extraordinary – The Character of a Leader, she shares the 15 qualities of extraordinary leadership! For more information, contact Dr. Stephanie at

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