Who Wants to Be a Project Manager?

November 27, 2011

How important is project management? Is it a case of “failing to plan means planning to fail?” Or is it a mystical blend of timing, finding the right team members, ‘good’ requirements, and a bit of razzmatazz which results in a happy coincidence of customer satisfaction and acceptable project deliverables? While a bit of good fortune never hurts, successful project outcomes are rarely the result of random chance but rather the result of project management best practices. In this survey, we want your feedback and experience to uncover some of the key elements for a successful project outcome.

We need your inputs and opinions for the December edition of The New Face of Leadership.

We will collate and report results for multiple choice questions. The last question is an optional short essay opinion question. We will feature selected responses to this question (about 250 words + digital photo and short byline) in the opinion column Based on Your Experience.

Thanks for your participation!!


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