Work-Life Balance = Retention

January 18, 2011

We need your OPINION, for the February edition of “Based on Your Experience”. The question this month focuses on work-life balance. In about 250 words, please respond to this:

Achieving work-life balance is tricky, as we’ve previously explored. For the employer, helping employees achieve work-life balance translates to employee retention. So, if your employer(s) (past and present) were to ask, how important are these factors to YOU? Rank them MOST to LEAST important, and be sure to add to the list as you see fit!

– My career goals can be met at this company
– I feel a sense of belonging at work
– My work gives me a sense of accomplishment
– I am paid fairly
– Senior leaders treat employees as valuable assets
– People are rewarded for their performance
– I receive recognition for my accomplishments
– My supervisor supports me
– Other: ___________________________

Respond on this blog, (please include your email address so we can receive your photo and byline); or, send a response to Please include “Based on Your Experience” in the subject line, and a digital photo and short byline (business title and website is sufficient).

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