Writing It Down Means Never Having To Say I’m Sorry

September 1, 2011

Dear Family and Friends,
For over 40 years, people have known that I would do what I promised unless the funeral director had me!
This is due to my beloved cards, one for each day of the week that I have used for over 63 years. (I wasn’t always as careful in the earlier years!)
This involves two things:
1. Immediately writing down on my cards what I promise to do!
2. Writing down any stray or random thoughts so that I can remember them later and do them (or later to decide not to do them in the cold light of day)!
These two ideas have resulted in satisfaction for me and faithfulness toward others!
It is so simple, you just have a 3 X 5 card for every day in the week and a year long calender cut down to the size of the 3 X 5 cards (if you have not noted it down before where to get it at Office Depot, it is DayMinder AY53, Academic Calender July 2011-August 2012) and always carry a pen (Office Depot sells two collapsible pens that fit in your rear pocket for $6.)

What freedom never to have to say that you are sorry as you fully intended to do something, but simply forgot!!!

Rev. Bruce W.H. Urich, PhD, Dean, Florida Christian University

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