IT Staffing Assessment

Gain a deep understanding of how your IT staff invest their time and assess the effectiveness of their efforts. Visualize the IT staff’s workload, evaluate 20 essential IT functions across 9 key areas, and ensure optimal resource allocation. Uncover valuable insights into IT effort by activity type, ranging from improvement to maintenance, and leverage staff feedback to drive impactful improvements. With a comprehensive scorecard for each IT function, pinpoint the drivers that require enhancement and pave the way for a high-performing IT team.

IT Staffing Assessment

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    Optimizing IT Talent: Exploring the Benefits of a Strategic Staffing Assessment

    Staffing Benchmarking

    Gain valuable insights into your key staffing metrics with a comprehensive view, comparing them against over 4000 organizations in your industry. Leverage this data to assess if your team aligns with industry benchmarks and identify areas for improvement. Evaluate staffing levels, costs, seniority, and span of control to optimize your staffing strategies and drive organizational success.

    Time Breakdown by IT Function

    Evaluate staffing levels across 20 critical IT functions to ensure optimal resource allocation. Compare staffing levels against business priorities, guaranteeing alignment and identifying areas that may be over or understaffed. Validate your staffing levels against industry benchmarks, gaining valuable insights to drive informed decisions and enhance operational efficiency.

    Time Breakdown by Activity

    Analyze the allocation of resource time between high-value and low-value activities to optimize productivity. Compare activity breakdowns by IT function and role, gaining valuable insights into resource utilization. Set targets by area and ensure your team receives the necessary support to achieve them, driving efficiency and maximizing results.

    IT Function Effectiveness Assessments

    Obtain scorecard-based assessments of IT function effectiveness from both IT and the business, enabling a comprehensive evaluation. Assess effectiveness across 7 key drivers, including processes, technology, and team skills, to identify the most impactful areas for improvement. Gather valuable staff feedback on improvement ideas and waste reduction initiatives, utilizing our templates to craft a targeted improvement plan for enhanced outcomes.

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