IT Talent Trends

IT Talent Trends 2024

Enhancing the human in the age of automation.

IT leaders aiming to build and keep successful teams in 2024 must understand and plan for:

  1. Changing workforce dynamics: Giving employee experience center stage
  2. Minds and machines: Enhancing human-AI collaboration
  3. People over place: Cultivating a hybrid work culture
  4. Nexus of skills: Navigating a multidisciplinary IT landscape

Our Advice

Critical Insight

In the IT workplace of today (because the IT workplace of the future is here now), balance is critical. Whether looking at bringing together AI and people, in-office and remote work, technical and soft skills, or productivity and employee wellbeing, IT leaders must find the right balance for both their organizations and their employees.

Impact and Result

Trend Reports
A concise, executive-ready trend report
Data Insights
Data and insights from IT organizations from around the world
Steps to take
Steps to take for each of the trends depending on your current maturity level
Links to resources and tools
Links to in-depth Info-Tech resources and tools

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