PMO Assessment

This program empowers project owners to assess and enhance their Project Portfolio Management (PPM) practices with minimal effort and maximum impact. By collecting comprehensive data and reporting on all aspects of your PPM environment, our assessment enables you to gain a clear understanding of your current standing and identify opportunities for improvement. Unlock the potential of your PPM practices and optimize your project portfolio with our PMO Assessment.

PMO Assessment

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    Assess and Strategize: Taking Stock of Your PPM Practices

    Step 1: Assess and Strategize for PPM Success

    Evaluate your existing PPM practices using the Current State Scorecard to gain insights into your strengths and weaknesses. Utilize the results to develop a tailored roadmap, prioritizing practical action items that will optimize your PPM practices and pave the way for success.

    Step 2: Aligning Perspectives: Embrace the Customer’s View

    Leverage the PPM Customer Satisfaction Report to gain valuable insights into project customers’ perspectives, bridging gaps and fostering clear and open communication. By understanding their expectations, defining customer roles, and actively involving them, you can strengthen relationships, enhance satisfaction, and ensure alignment for project success.

    Step 3: Delve Deep into PPM Analysis for Enhanced Performance

    Through the PPM Assessment, gain a comprehensive understanding of your Project Portfolio Management (PPM) practices by analyzing measurable data and contextual factors. Armed with this knowledge, leverage tailored recommendations and strategic insights to drive thorough improvement and optimization, ensuring your PPM environment aligns with your unique needs and goals.

    Step 4: Elevate Project Management for Comprehensive Success

    Utilize the PM Assessment to apply an in-depth approach to project management, conducting end-to-end analysis to optimize your practices. Benefit from customized tactical recommendations that will enhance your project management capabilities and drive comprehensive success in project delivery.

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