CIO Priorities 2024 Harness AI to launch exponential IT value creation

March 7, 2024

In 2024, generative AI will continue to dominate the conversation. As organizations seek to capitalize on the opportunities and mitigate the risks ushered in by this disruptive technology, CIOs and IT leaders will need to prioritize their initiatives and align their capabilities accordingly.

This year’s CIO Priorities report highlights five key initiatives that will help IT deliver the greatest value in the year ahead, based on data gathered from CIOs and senior IT leaders as they respond to the external trends impacting their organizations.

Seize opportunity while protecting the organization from volatility

Informed by Info-Tech’s Future of IT Survey 2024 and in-depth CIO interviews, this report puts five key initiatives on the radar, as organizations continue to grapple with the risks and the rewards of generative AI:

  • Augment the business with Gen AI – Determine where to add generative AI capabilities to business processes and build or buy accordingly.
  • Right-size AI governance – Design AI governance that won’t hinder innovation and integrates into existing risk management structures.
  • Update vendor risk assessments – Create or revisit vendor risk assessment programs to account for new AI risks.
  • Exponentially increase innovation – Widen the idea-to-pilot pipeline to explore more AI use cases and ramp up the innovation process.
  • Exponentially improve customer experience – Speed up time to value and keep customers satisfied as CX takes center stage.

This report will help guide IT leaders as they develop the IT capabilities that will drive the most value for the organization, as 2024 promises to be another year of exponential change and opportunity.

CIO Priorities 2024's Report

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