Ignite Your Leaders to Win! (Tip of the Month)

July 11, 2012

In speaking with CEOs from around the country, one continued theme is expressed – how do I keep my leadership team excited about being a member of our company? There’s no one answer or a magic pill for this; however there are a few thoughts which are easily implemented.

As with everything, it must start with you – as the CEO are you excited to be a member of your company? Do you believe in the vision, strategic direction and the product of your organization? Are you loyal to your company? You set the tone! There has to be a demonstrated excitement about and commitment to the products or services your company provides. If you want your leaders to be excited about being a member of your company – you be excited! Let people know internally and externally why your company is the best place to work and why your products/services are the best in the world. Ignite your passion about your company and your leaders will be ignited!

The next area to focus on in motivating your leaders to win is their trust in you. No matter what is said at the water cooler or in newspapers – your leaders must know that you will always be the first to speak the truth. Be transparent and accountable to your leaders. Walk the talk and be the role model you should be – make them proud to call you their leader! Do everything within your power to communicate on a consistent basis with your teams – they should hear from you before they hear information about the company on the 6:00 news.

Make it a daily practice to recognize the greatness of each of your leaders – individually and collectively. On their best day and worst day, your voice should be one of the loudest voices they hear in their mind. Go out of your way to recognize your leaders – don’t assume that they know how your feel about them. Remember, your achievement as the CEO is completely dependent upon their success. One of the most common complaints I hear from your leadership teams and employees is that they feel unappreciated. Have you read the Five Love Languages by Gary Chapman? The same principles apply in the workplace. The more you recognize the greatness of your leadership team – the even greater they become!

As a CEO, your goal is to attract and keep the strongest leadership team available to meet and exceed your strategic objectives – as in all things associated with leading in the 21st Century – it starts with you first. You must be the leader in which others desire to emulate. You are the match to strike the flame within your leaders!

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